June 22, 2016

Music Theory

As well as teaching piano, Lorenzo teaches Music Theory and runs several courses, including the very popular course aimed for ABRSM grade 5 Theory exam. He also teaches orchestration and composition. Lorenzo teaches at Ebony & Ivory Music School in Colindale (see map) and offers home visits.

As many students know, to take ABRSM grades in any instruments above grade 5, one needs to complete grade 5 music theory. However, it’s not a requirement to pass any theory exam until that stage. Because of this, and also due to the fact that theory is often perceived as hard and boring, the study of theory is often delayed until too late.

Why Study Music Theory?

Lorenzo Rocco Music TheoryThe problem with most teaching systems is that the music theory isn’t integrated with the learning of an instrument. Because of time constraints and sometimes a lack of interest or knowledge from the teachers themselves, theory is not often taught properly. The ideal approach to learning theory would be to learn and apply theory at the same time as learning to play the instrument. This is because music theory needs to be used to be understood properly.

Music theory?brings meaning to what would otherwise be an anonymous sequence of notes. If the student understands music, he/she can analyse works of notable composers, improve sight reading, memorise any score in much shorter time and figure out the formal structure of pieces. It will expand students’ musical horizons and enhance their music appreciation.

It is therefore a good idea to work through music theory grades sequentially, and apply the knowledge gained as the classical pieces are learned. The study of theory should be complementary to any music studies.

We have 20 years experience in preparing students to successfully pass ABRSM and Trinity theory exams, as well as GCSEs. We run classes and offer individual tuition in Edgware, North-West London, as well as make available material which will help prepare for ABRSM (or other boards) theory exams. Most of the material in this website has been designed to help in the preparation of those exams and will keep updating our material.

Take a look at our theory educational products.

We also offer Skype lessons for music theory students. Please get in touch for more information.