How To Be Successful With Music Aptitude Tests

Congratulations to my 11+ students who have entered music tests for admission to the following schools: Mill Hill County High Watford Grammar School Claremont High School Academy Ashmole Academy The results have been exceptionally good, and the hard work and preparation have surely paid off. For Mill Hill County High the seven students I have Read more about How To Be Successful With Music Aptitude Tests[…]

Music Intervals

Introduction To Intervals In Music

In music theory, an interval?is the distance in pitch between two notes. To identify an interval you will need two things: a number and a type (quality). List of interval (number): Unison ? 1st Second – 2nd Third – 3rd Fourth – 4th Fifth – 5th Sixth – 6th Seventh – 7th Octave ? 8ve Read more about Introduction To Intervals In Music[…]