Music Aptitude Testing (MAT) Training 1

Music Aptitude Testing Training Materials

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This product is aimed at anyone who is preparing for the Music Aptitude Test used by many schools in the UK, and who wants to significantly increase perception of pitch, melody, texture and rhythm.

It includes: an audio file with 4 sections covering pitch, melody, texture and rhythm, an answer sheet, with answers to the 75 questions contained in the audio file and a blank sheet to write the answers.

Sample of the MAT training exercises

In this sample which is from the complete test, there are 6 questions. Try to answer the questions and then check the answers here – MAT Sample Answers.

The first 2 questions (Q 13 and Q 14) are about pitches. In this exercise you will hear two notes. Is the second one higher or lower than the first?

The third question (Q 1) is about melodies. In this exercise you will listen to two tunes. The second one may be the same as the first, or it may be different. If it’s different you should say on which note the difference occurs.

The fourth and fifth questions (Q 20 and Q 21) are about texture. Try to identify how many notes are in the chord (Q 20) or how many instruments are played in the extract (Q 21).

Sixth question (Q 2) is about rhythm. You will hear two rhythms. Is the second one the same or different from the first?